CWG: Color palette battle….

So here I was just sitting around staring at my project when I get bitch slapped by the realization that my game does NOT have any color co-ordination what-so-ever.


So today, as I stood around at work, I tried to figure out color theory on my own; didn’t make it very far… but my upstairs neighbour, who is a phenomenal artist (I’ll likely post his work sometime in the future :P), took some time out of his evening to talk with me about color theory; that got me much further.


Here’s what my game looks like now…

Yeah it breaks the boundaries of my blog, wanna fight about it? The important parts are in focus anyway.


And I will be using this color palette to go back over all the assets, even re-creating some here and there, to unify the entire look of Cows With Guns!


What do you guys think of the new palette? I still feel like I am missing something…


Anyways, special thanks to Simon! I’ll likely be getting your help much more in the future.

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