CWG: Mini – A girls best friend

Damn right a large weapon of mass mutton destruction is a girls best friend.  What else would you imagine it could be?  A boy?  Naw dawg.

Anyways, I finished up work on Mini.  She needed to be re-done as it was just not giving off its menacing vibe, plus I totally needed to redo its old crusty butt.  It was one of the oldest assets in the game when I got around to it.

Mini is an important aspect of CWG, she’s the #1 to Heffer and needs to kick as much ass as she does.  Basically, designing the biggest weapon against cute is a challenge, but it can be done.

A breakdown of what the gun does.

While Heff is running around destroying her enemies this is the gal doing all the work.  Once in awhile a powerup will drop off those grenade dropping pansies and with a deft catch Heffers friend takes on a new life for a few moments.  The first up is the Double Mini powerup, adding a second brand spanking new death machine to the previous murder machine.

Simple enough.  Those sheep wont want to mess with that.

Secondly, there is a laser upgrade which can be picked up that sends Mini sprawling back to the 70’s of large pew pew weapons, firing a state of the art laser round that goes straight through enemies (Except those wearing even the slightest bit of armor…)!  Laser mini will wreak havok among your enemies!

All the new Mini mods are fun and an absolute blast to make your way through the hordes.  These low resolution images don’t do them justice for they are mighty and mean!

Have a good one folks and stay outta that chicks way!


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