CWG- Let fly the “Moo’s” of war!

Zounds! Sounds!

So, here is me trying to make some cool effects and what not for them new fanged Vid-Jo-Games. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it?

Get some samples, layer em, Mix it up, throw some verb on it. Yeeeeeaaah, that sounds tight.

Wait, somethings off, I want to feel more emotion from this cow. I want each of those separate,pre-set, little hoof running sounds to leak with soul and desire


Seriously though, couple days ago I recorded cooking some steak for some sizzle effects of Napalm to fry little Heffer.BAM! IRONY!






One comment on “CWG- Let fly the “Moo’s” of war!”

  1. Angelbait says:

    Mhmmmm, tasty tasty sound effects 😀

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