Drawing FTW

So my computers been packed up for a little more than a month.  Did I learn anything?  Not really!  Reddit and the likes are just as fun as always but now there’s just less of it.

What there is more of is my drawing though.  As the skill I wish to become adept at I guess anything can help really, but this is about more than just drawing.

Have I really drawn that much?  No, not really.  My working life gives me enough of an excuse to not feel guilty MOST of the time: but it nags at me.  So what HAVE I been doing?  Watercolor practice, more mask drawing, and even just a smidge of life drawing.


A cool Tibetan dragon mask I was drawing up before it got rained on!  Pew!!!


One of four of these little bro’s that were watercolor practice.

In the end however, my computer is lurking in the back of my mind, waiting to be setup to tackle the Ludum Dare at the end of April and my drawing has had a lot of room to improve!  So maybe less shitty tree pixels( my last LD entry) and perhas more sexy…

Whatever I have 48 hours to make a game.  If its remotely playable than I’ve succeeded!

More to come as Ludum Dare approaches!  Next week I’ll be planning how to run myself over programming again.  Ughhhhh!

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