Crashing back to Flash

Thinking that I have a good grasp of the basics in programming (variables, integers, string manipulation, etc…) I wrangled up Adobe Flash a little while back in an attempt to put such skills to use.  Low and behold Action Script 3(AS3) is a beast of a different language!  There is the need to place a listener of events on the Stage (This is the area where the game will be played), by first figuring out what events you will need, loading them, than placing it on the stage.  Seems complicated to me, but to “real” programmers this must seem pretty normal.

Tending to get some kind of pong project, and about ten hours each into three or four other ideas keeps me splayed across too many fronts: none of them ever coming to fruition (unless you are looking to play bare bones Pong, than I’m totally the guy).  The Ludum Dare approaching means I need to crunch at least a single game prototype tutorial to re-comfort myself into the AS3 atmosphere.

It is hard to write about programming, I understand my brogrammers trepidation to writing once a week about his work more after I’ve been programming for a day.  I start to realize that it takes a man at my skill level weeks to solidify a single mechanic, with PAGES of pseudo code!

It is not my best skill obviously, but I have faith in myself.  I may update this post with a link to whatever tutorial I roll through, and if I can pull it off maybe even embed that AS3 pong game I made.

Till than!

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