A particularly trying Jam this weekend led to the creation of Outbreak and I’s most technical challenge to date, SPECTRUM.  A small arena 1v1 networked FPS based on doing damage via being ahead on the color wheel, this was a HYUUUUUUGE undertaking for both of us.

Outbreak and I are no strangers to Jam challenge though, we always seem to want to learn something during the Jam; it intimidates others when we talk about it but the fact is clear on our face that we’re getting our jollies being out of our element for 48 hours.  This Global Game Jam Outbreak learned IP based networking in Unity, and although I spent the week leading up to it learning 3D, I still had to spend my first night learning everything I could about how to Rig and Animate. 

We’re thankful for every chance we get to do Jams, and getting to do the GGJ at UBC with 300+ people will always be the ultimate time of the year for me.  Jam all 2017 Devs! <3


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