Missed out: Resist Jam and LD40

I forgot to post about the rest of the jams I managed to participate in this year and comment on their impact to me!  They were very important come the end of the year, thinking about the games I managed to make this year really kept my head up.  I’ll do a super quick write up on both those now.


Resist Jam – “…With Love”


Having a week to make this game and as the programmer I garnered my wife’s artwork to make this game look very cool.  I got to learn a lot as I crushed out a Space Invaders tutorial and revamped it as I went to make the idea come to life: a surrealish title about a small being using their love to defend themselves from their own unknown.  My programming went so well I got a moral boost for the rest of the year off it, and beside that having my wife’s artwork to compliment my time I felt a solid satisfaction from completing this jam. I even went on to continue trying to make it a full title.  To not add a link to her art would be a shame as well so please check out her AMAZING (mad biased) work: https://www.instagram.com/breahappy/


Ludum Dare 40 – “GEWTW”


Give Em What They Want! was also a great success for me!  I finally did a game with my kinda flair in it, impractical chaos!  The theme (The more there is the worse it gets) had me thinking about how much people want something, and given it want even more.  So go ahead and shovel burgers, money, and other crap into the people’s lives.  From the fun I had having the physics do whatever it wanted to, to finally throwing some art into it to make the bulldozer delivery device come to life, I just felt great when it was done.  Making the music also produced some laughter from me and that’s kinda how I know I’m on the right track.


Thanks for giving this a gander and I’m sure you’ll get a laugh alongside me with some of my work.  Peace for now until we get to Global Game Jam 2018!  Love ya’ll and keep making games!

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