Global Game Jam 2018 – Taste of Metal

Outbreak and I outdid ourselves this time I thought.  A vehicle sumo game attempting to emulate what being in a mosh pit is like.  Goofy physics aside the game is actually fun to play against your friends!  You just smash your cars into each other in an attempt to knock the other off the platform.  We gave the players a boost function on the left trigger, and the ability to use picked up power-ups on the right trigger.

We went with 3D again and I got to flex some of what I spent the week before the jam learning, just like last year.  I also spent some time learning more about particle emitters and how to paint directly onto a model so we came out with an interesting scene.  Ending up with only one power-up was a bit underwhelming, a skull “Headbang” that would crunch through the floor, but holy was it funny when it made direct connection on the other player and they SHOT off into space.

Tree of Audio once again helped us give the game some life, and a fucking SWEET soundtrack as well, love every single one of those homies.  Also listening to the voice over guy on the other side of the auditorium yelling “GET BRUTAL” a bunch of times produced some confusing stares from other jammers late into the night.

If you want to give it a try check it out here:

Just remember to have two controllers plugged in and to KEEP IT BRUTAL.

Thanks for reading!


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