CWG: Things I’ve never had to think about

When I started working on games I had all these crazy projects lined up.

A chapterized FPS made in UDK.

A sidescrolling cowboy based castlevania like game.

A bird poopin on people…

Basically I had a lot of intent and zero skill in the making of these projects, so I learned.  I learned how to plan out a game, and to organize all my thoughts in physical form and especially to try and think within your limits.  So I continued to downsize until I came around with CWG.  I currently have cards taped all over my living room wall for visualization purposes.  Does it help?  No… not really…  But at least it did something I didn’t really expect.

I can see the scope, and the damned HUGE amount of work it takes to make a game.  I had organized all the things I needed to get done into three major categories; Art, Sound, Code.  I broke those down further: Art = animation/static, Code = movement/attack/defend etc etc.

Hell if the thing that took me completely by surprise is all the smaller things like effects, or the pure number of sounds that need to be made, and all kinds of other small things.

In actuality its the effects that are kicking my butt.  I spent the day working out how I wanted the muzzle flash to look like.  The MUZZLE FLASH!

Look how small they are!

Things are freakin tiny and they took a few HOURS (5ish) to make look the way I wanted them too.  WHAT THE HELL!?

Enough yelling though.

Seriously when planning out your game you really need to put a lot of thought into your work flow and priorities.  I currently have only a couple effects left to do (air and ground explosions), and to finish animating the Rambo sheep I talked about in the last post.

Than its on to all the menu screens and such, I still have to make a custom font for this game…  I think at least.

Due to lack of pictures I will instead pimp out a new chiptune CD I have been listening to while I work.  Give it a listen, and if you really like it, support the guy, its really good stuff!



Peace for now.





We have a domain!

So far its just a splash as we get an initial WordPress installed onto the site but it should be up shortly!

Secondly, my new bro-grammer(finally found one!) is currently re-building all of CWG in Unity.  Such sweetness!  That means when the site is up you should be able to play CWG in browser off of our site!  So excite.

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