What bacon has nightmares about, the frozen demons of the north, Hockey puck chewing, igloo building, *insert Canadian trope here*, wait…  I’m off track…

We like to make games!  Yeah, that’s what we are about!  NoDice Games is where a couple of developers go to vent about our lives in and out of the game making universe.  We love to do game jams, we love to work late into the night programming, and we probably drink far too much caffeine.  Actually, just replace all the Canadian tropes with ones about programmers/artists and you have us.

Angelbait – My name is Aaron Fossett and I’ve ALWAYS loved games!  I will finish this up another time but you can find me on almost any piece of social media under the name “Angelbait.”  I am also in the process of building up my own Youtube channel!


Outbreak – G money!

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