Tag: Game Design

Global Game Jam 2018 – Taste of Metal

Outbreak and I outdid ourselves this time I thought.  A vehicle sumo game attempting to emulate what being in a mosh pit is like.  Goofy physics aside the game is actually fun to play against your friends!  You just smash your cars into each other in an attempt to knock the other off the platform.  […]

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Missed out: Resist Jam and LD40

I forgot to post about the rest of the jams I managed to participate in this year and comment on their impact to me!  They were very important come the end of the year, thinking about the games I managed to make this year really kept my head up.  I’ll do a super quick write […]

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Crashing back to Flash

Thinking that I have a good grasp of the basics in programming (variables, integers, string manipulation, etc…) I wrangled up Adobe Flash a little while back in an attempt to put such skills to use.  Low and behold Action Script 3(AS3) is a beast of a different language!  There is the need to place a […]

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